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The four main elements found in all things living or dead, be they paranormal or mundane.... all abide the law of creation. That which does not falls unwittingly or unwillingly to the opposing side of the same coin... This law applies to even the gods.

These define the plane we exist within.... they give us a sense of self as well as perceived purpose....providing all with a drive many can not or will not understand. They give us what we need to interpret ourselves and all around us.... and yet we remain blinded by the idealism we eventually create, such is the way of sentience...

The most powerful of the emotions of sin, as perceived by the masses, these are best kept in check by releasing them in short, healthy doses. All strive to control that which they can not have.... ultimately failing in the attempt due to yielding to themselves in the end.

Two sides of another coin, both powerful beyond belief, both striving to conquer the other for all time... neither willing to accept that the other is needed to maintain the balance.... and that is where the Shadows come in....

Born where Light meets Darkness....
Carrier of the seven sins, as all others do...
Fully grasping the scope of the elements of existence and creation...
....I have come to know myself as a maintainer of the balance...
I am Mortal....I am Sentient....I am....Keshnakar, member of they who are deemed unworthy to either side of the balance, I am the ultimate abomination... and yet... I too have a following. For there is one thing that can not be undone by any of what is said in this passage....
An idea that springs forth from the sentient at an early stage of developement....
It can be shaped...
It can be manipulated...
....but it can not be undone or destroyed.... That idea will.
Free will is given to all sentient life by the essence of their guiding parent.
Free will is what determines who will live and who will die...
Free will is the tidal wave that creates or destroys based on the hands that wield it...
And it is free will that has allowed me to have students and friends to pass my strength and knowledge to.
There is only one other idea that can achieve the same power as free will.... True love.
It is an emotion even I struggle to understand fully....mainly due to my own vows.

I have known the pain of love lost for far too long in my lifespan, so long that it has caused me to push away those who wish to be part of my heart... it takes a most determined free will to claw the way through my cold gaze... ever since that day... only one has ever succeeded... I call her the first of my mates... An honor she cherishes but does not show. It is she that keeps my sentience in check now... of which I am thoroughly thankful...
Thoughts of the Keshnakar
The ideals of one who has lived through centuries of conflicting goals, this is the summerization of many meditative sessions.


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Nicholas Alexander Pope
United States
27 years old, loves gaming, enjoys music, writing and the furry community.

Current Residence: 327 Metaire Lane, Madison, Al, 35758
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Favourite cartoon character: any fox, wolf, dragon, or big cat
Personal Quote: Nothing good ever comes from staying with normal people, don't ever be normal.

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KyleShepard313 Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
hey bro, he's complete if you wanna see him. should be in your sub box. :) hope you enjoy it, my little gift to you for sticking by me as long as you have.
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just got a good look at it, I've got to say you and conner have grand eyes for detail and imagination. ^_^
KyleShepard313 Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
cool beans, but don't include me in it, i just sourced the parts. connor's the one who brought the guy to life. but i have to say, connor is good at creativity. he turned a purple, shit spartan C.I.O. (i don't even know what that is, but the figure's helmet sucked balls) into a blacked out, moderately armored master of ass-whoopin' who has not one, not two, not even three, but four weapons, excluding the throwing knives and the energy tonfa swords.

effectively, dusk has bragging rights over kyle in the armament department. yeah, kyle has .357 pistols, but dusk has 9mm SMGs. and while kyle has a 'jack of all trades' rifle, dusk has an anti-material rifle that can shit-can a heavily armored aparoid from half a mile out. only flaw i can see is dusk has a blunt weapons, while kyle has edged weapons that can slice and dice. other than that though, dusk seems to have kyle 1-upped in almost every category.
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