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First a few words of warning....
The views and opinions that will be expressed within this work of fiction are not necessarily the views of anyone, HOWEVER, they should not be taken lightly at all.
Within this story, scenes of extreme violence and gore will go hand in hand with drugs and debauchery.... so for those of you that are faint of heart, overly squeemish, or easily offended, I must advise you to stop reading at this point.

Now a disclaimer....
This story is set within the Starfox universe, as such, all iconic characters of the series, new and old, belong to Nintendo. All original characters featured belong to their creators; and any other characters described herein, and there will be many, are crafted on a whim by myself or by suggestion and should be considered throw away characters.

Furthermore, any and all songs featured in this series belong to their respective composers, and I have absolutely no intention of using them for monetary gain or to garner a fanbase.

Other than that, if you are still reading, I hope you enjoy what my mind has to offer.

Lylat; single star system on the fifth arm of the milky way galaxy. This system has well over a half dozen inhabited worlds, three uniquely shaped nebulae, and a strangely incomplete asteroid feild orbiting its red drawf star known commonly as Solar.
The history of this system can best be described as an off and on period of war between the various planets, of which all have fully developed space technology.

"Guildmaster, do you have a moment?"

The wearied Shadowfox rubbed his eyes and nodded as he looked upon the pup addressing him.
"I'd like to report that we've lost the trail of the draks persuing us, but we won't be able to make it back to earth without a resupply of food and fuel."
"I"m quite aware of the good news young one, which is why i've been pouring over what information we have on the lylat system."
"We're going to lylat sir? I've read up on it a bit, and i'm pretty sure we'll be attacked as soon as we get near a planet there."
"Not everyone in a single system can be that prone to violence, i'm going over the data to see if i can find one that would help. It never hurts to ask."
"As you wish guildmaster."

After a respectful bow, the pup returned to his duties as the master of the ship returned to the display. In time, he found the few tidbits of intel he was looking for.

* POV change*

"What do you have to report prelute?"
"I regret to report that your prey has escaped yet again my lord, however, the last reading we got of them indicated that they are now on reserve power."
"Hmn... that means they'll be forced to come right here to lylat before they can do anything else.....perfect. I can let the chaos and disharmony i've been sowing here for years finish them off, allowing me to finally exact vengence on my old nemesis for the death of my son."
"What does my lord command?"
"hmn.... tell every pirate and bounty hunter that was once allied to the venomian empire that a client wishes the apprehension of a black fox about to travel through this system, and the reward for success will be 555,000sp."
"So you command, so it shall be my lord."

The red eyed lizard dressed in obsidian armor gave a low cackle as the prelute vanished as easily as she appeared, the reward to him meant nothing. He intended to torture and kill whoever succeeded anyway.... not that he thought anyone would, but still. A number that high would attract even the more notorious mercenary groups. All he had to do now was wait...

*POV change*

Great fox was docked on the watery surface of Zoness, since the aperoid invasion was over, the starfox team had been doing long range recon in the hope of finding anything to kill the ensuing boredom.
What they found was Earth. Initailly, their first forays found the world to be frought with danger, as the people on it, known as Humans, seemed to be driven purely by power, lust and greed. Massive militaries littered the landscapes with scrapped machines of war and disgustingly mangled bodies as the people bickered and argued over pointless political or religious agendas that only benifitted their own respective countries or corperations...
Actually, all the turmoil intrigued the team, they had no idea that such chaos could raign on a single planet and still be able to function as long as it has. So they delved deeper into the history banks they were able to crack open.
It was there that they found the rich and diverse wealth of music humanity used to keep themselves from falling apart as a society.
All this gave Falco Lombardi, one not normally known for thought, a fairly good idea. He proposed that the team learn how to play the instruments used in this music, and form a band so that they may bring it to the nations of lylat and share the emotions that these songs expressed. Needless to say Fox was stunned he didn't think of it first, but he loved the idea, and so did the lylation alliance.
They had been doing gigs all over the system ever since, and that is exactly what they were doing on Zoness, as they had yet to recieve another contract from any of the planets lately.

Fox: "Thank you ZONESSS! Our final song will be a request from the audience! Tell us what you wanna hear!

it took a minute or two, but soon the crowd started chanting: "GUNGNAM STYLE! GUNGNAM STYLE!"

Falco: "tch, i'm gonna kill that little toad for introducing that stupid song..."
Katt: "Oh, come off it birdie boy, you like doing that dance just as much as anyone else tee hee."
Bill: "Well regardless, you better get out here slippy, you're the only one that knows all the correct words."
Fara: "Lol, that's why he's the lady's man whenever we do this."
Krystal: "heh, i would think samantha would be jealous if it wasn't her suggestion in the first place."

Both the team, and the crowd, enjoyed the final song peformed by slippy, who sang it in perfect korean. as everyone joined in on the infamous 'rodeo dance'

Fox: "You guys have been absolutely fantastic, thank you so much for coming out! We'll see you all next time we drop by. 'till then, this is starfox signing off!"


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