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My buddy :iconhokins000: is hoping to have one of his character's featured in another mutual friend's story arc. The decision's been put up in this poll:…

I'm putting the word out to ask anyone willing to help to cast their vote for his OC, Ralton. ^_^
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Thought I'd contribute to a good idea I came across from :iconkaridurosu: who in turn was inspired by :iconviralremix:

This Questionaire will be directed at my first OC: Dusk Windblade. The answers will be coming straight from him, much to his dismay and with a few exceptions when I deem necessary.

   1. People don't behave the same way all the time. In fact, they generally have a mask for every social group -- friends, family, business. Sometimes they have a different mask for different groups of friends. How does your character act around different people? How does their personality shift and change?

Dusk:"Which masks do i put on for the masses? Tch, well I'm generally friendly to all I happen to come across. But if i must be specific. For family and friends I am forthcoming and open to ideas they may have. For my kin and students, I offer sage wisdom to guide their way in life. As for business, I am sternly tough, but fair."

   2. Your character has been brought to a party and promptly ditched. They don't have a ride back home. How does this work? How comfortable are they around all of these strangers? Do they interact?

Dusk:"I don't really recall ever having the time for a social gathering, much less being left at one. Hmn... I suppose I would politely mingle with those around me, but I myself wouldn't engage in conversation without being prompted."

   3. It's kind of awkward - what subjects are likely to make your character hesitate, flush, stumble on their words, etc.?

Dusk:"hoi vay... after four hundred plus years of life, there isn't much I could talk about that would faze me that badly.... maybe my first mate Riankeo could elicit that reaction from me."

   4. Is your character more dominant or submissive to the people around them? Do they tend to follow others' orders and wait for people to give them instruction in life, or do they charge ahead and make decisions on their own?

Dusk:"I come to my own conclusions after careful deliberation, but I am more than open to any suggestions that may be made."

   5. What happens when your character doesn't get what they want?

Dusk:"I have the patience to wait until I can get it."
   6. What's the character's self-esteem like?
       a. Does it change over the course of the story?

Dusk:"It started out innocent and pure, like any other decently raised child's. But over time it has.... hardened, become numb to pain.... to.... loss."

   7. What's one flaw about themselves that they hate the most and wish they could change?

Dusk:"There are a great many things I wish I could change about myself, but none that I choose to utter here."

   8. How does their personality shift when someone gets to know them well?

Dusk:"I'd like to think that they come to a mutual understanding of how I think and act."

   9. Do they prefer time alone, or with other people?

Dusk:"I like my solitude, but as any other sentient life must, I do crave companionship every now and again."

   10. Is it easy for this character to tell someone "no" when they don't want to do something?


   11. If this character were to describe their own personality, how would they do it?

Dusk:"I prefer to show instead of tell, actions speak volumes more than words."

   12. Is this character aware of their flaws?


   13. How has this character's personality changed from childhood to adulthood?

Dusk:"How would you think someone with compassion and love would change when reforged by the fires of war and greed?"

   14. Who influenced this character's personality? Did they pick up any mannerisms or traits from someone?

Me: "I did, He is a representation of who I wish to be. His mannerisms were shaped by those he had come to love and were killed."

   15. Does this character express affection? Are they comfortable doing so?

Dusk:"yes, and yes."

   16. When frightened, will the character "fight" or "flight"?

Dusk:"I will most certainly fight, but it will not be out of fear for myself."

   17. Does this character ever put someone else's needs in front of their own?
       a. If there are only rare exceptions, why is that the case?

Me:"He is one of the rare individuals that genuinely cares about the well being of all sentient life around him, the only exceptions would be those who have become his enemies."

   18. If this character suffered amnesia and lost all their memories, what would they be like?

Dusk:" have no idea how much I want to forget the majority of my past do you?"

   19. How does the character's living space reflect their personality?

Me:"It would pass a surprise military inspection every single time. He is not a hoarder nor does he require much space to live comfortably."

   20. What's one thing that other characters wish they could change about this character's personality?

Dusk:"I would guess that they wish I didn't have such a difficult wall built around my heart to penetrate."


   1. How easy is it for your character to feel anger? What's usually a good tip off that they're experiencing it? (Physical reactions, movements of appendages, etc.)
       a. Sadness?
       b. Happiness?
       c. Fear?

Me:"Dusk has forgotten what true happiness feels like, he's experienced the other three for so long that he's become numb to them. Any other emotion will make him uncomfortable and compell him to quickly get himself out of it. As for tip offs, good friends will notice a slight change in speech. He has no wish for others to feel pain or suffer, his empathy would force him to feel as they would."

   2. What state of mind is the character usually in?

Dusk:"Open ended analyzation."

   3. Are there any emotions the character is particularly afraid of, or really resents having to feel?

Dusk:"I can't stand it when I behold others feeling the pain of loss, weather it be of limb or loved ones... even the ill put me on edge."

   4. How easily does this character trust their feelings with others?
       a. Has anyone ever betrayed them?
       b. How did it affect their ability to trust?

Dusk:"Not very. yes.  ...deeply."

   5. Can this character easily hide their emotions?
       a. Do they find it difficult to express emotion, thus tend to look neutral?


   6. How well can this character resist their emotions and impulses?

Dusk:"That depends on the emotion and the situation."

   7. Does this character ever get violent (with others, objects, themselves) when feeling any certain emotions?

Dusk:"I usually only become uncontrollably violent when the events involving me are spiraling too far out of my control to be solved by any other means."

   8. Has this character contemplated suicide?
       a. Self-harm?
       b. Physically injuring others?
       c. Killing others?

Dusk:"Several times, yes, no, not unless it's unavoidable."

   9. Does the character have any triggers? Why do these things trigger them?

Dusk:"My past reeks of loved ones lost to those who would use my power for their own gain. Seeing anyone mourning the death of a family member or dear friend reminds me of that."

   10. What would hurt this character so badly they couldn't even breathe?

Dusk:"guess, I've said it enough times by now."

   11. What is guaranteed to make this character smile?

Dusk:"That changes depending on who I'm with or what I'm doing."

   12. If the character could remove one emotion from their life, which would they choose?


   13. If they're feeling upset, who are they likely to talk to for comfort? Or do they keep it inside?

Dusk:"Just about everyone i would trust enough to talk to is dead, so I spend most of that kind of time in meditation."

   14. How would this character cope with losing someone extremely close to them?

Dusk:"Been coping with it for over four hundred years..."

   15. How does this character look and feel when crying?

Me:"Those lucky enough to catch him in that act don't speak of it. With someone as influential and powerful as Dusk, the sight of him bawling his heart out would unnerve most.... but for the curious, you'll hear it long before you see it."

   16. If the character had to live out the rest of their life either perpetually angry, sad, or frightened, which would they choose?

Dusk:"I would choose anger, I've known the other two for far too long."

   17. Does this character tend to blame or punish others for their own emotions?


   18. Is this character empathetic, and tends to be influenced by the emotions of others?

Dusk:"yes, deeply influenced."

   19. What is the strongest emotion they have felt?
       a. What event caused that?
       b. How would they react if that happened again?

Dusk:"I've felt incredibly more powerful each time someone I had come to love died. The cycle never truly ends for me."

   20. If the character were to come face to face with their darkest fears in a nightmare, what would be the scene?

Dusk:"My darkest nightmare would be if everything I've built came to an end as I helplessly watched."


   1. Based on the current diet and exercise your character has, where do you see them physically in five years?

Dusk:"The same place I was in five years ago, well toned and athletic."

   2. How agile is this character? Can they dodge easily? Or are they clumsy?

Dusk:"There isn't much in this plane of existance that can hit me unless I let it."

   3. Describe the muscle content of your character. Are they untrained and soft? Or lithe and powerful?

Me:"He has a body that looks as if chisled out of marble. Think Gohan from DragonballZ"

   4. What kind of body fat percentage do you suppose they have?

Me:"About five percent."

   5. Do they have any scars? Where did those scars come from, and how did they get them?

Dusk:"I have more emotional scars than physical ones, I suppose I lucked out on that."

   6. Describe some hairstyles your character has had in the past.
       a. How about the present? What's their hair like now?

Dusk:"My hair is naturally curly, but not very long. So there isn't much I can do with it."

   7. What are their teeth like? Any cavities? Root canals? Does their dentition ever hurt?

Dusk:"You know, I've never really had to worry about it. I guess a simple habit can be enough for a healthy smile."

   8. Do their arches ever fall? That's painful.

Dusk:"I'm afraid I do not understand the nature of this question."

   9. How much endurance do they have? Do they easily get tired during a workout?

Dusk:"I've lost track, it takes a great deal to tire me out."

   10. How easily can they bear pain?


   11. How long can this character sit still?
       a. Do they shift a lot when sleeping?

Dusk:"For days. No"

   12. What do their nails look like? Do they bite them?

Dusk:"Well worn. Yes."

   13. How hairy is this character?
       a. Arms?
       b. Legs?
       c. Underarms?
       d. Eyebrows?
       e. Everywhere else

Dusk:"Um... I'm covered in fur?"

   14. What is the most imperfect part of this character's body?

Dusk:"I'd like to think its my heart, but then again, what kind of heart would be imperfect if it can feel sympathy?"

   15. Do they get cold easily?
       a. How about overheated?
       b. Seasick?
       c. Do barometric changes in pressure affect them?


   16. How do they react to getting an illness? Think about sore throats, achy bodies, headaches, stuffy noses, runny noses...

Dusk:"I do what i must to recover as quickly as possible."

   17. Is this character's body sensitive to touch?
       a. Do they have any unusual erogenous zones?

Dusk:"My tail is more sensative then I'd like to admit, especially near it's base."

   18. How strong are this character's basic senses? Sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell.

Dusk:"I've super conditioned all five of my senses to a point where I've developed a sixth one."

   19. If this character had to permanently lose one of their senses, which would they choose?
       a. What if they could only have one sense, and had to lose the others?

Dusk:"I would choose to lose my sense of smell at first, but if I could only have one, then smell would be the one remaining."

   20. Does this character have any unusual limbs or physical features?



   1. What's the state of your character's kitchen? What kind of foods do you find in it? Is it... clean?

Dusk:"Modern. Varied dishes from around the world. Always."

   2. If they could only eat one type of food for the rest of their life, what would they choose?

Dusk:"The mainstay of my deit has been and forever shall be meat."

   3. What kind of clothing does this character like wearing and why?

Dusk:"I prefer loose, baggy or breezy articles to let my fur breathe."

   4. How does this character feel about piercings?
       a. Tattoos?
       b. Dyed hair?
       c. Revealing clothing?

Dusk:"Open minded. Curious. Interested. and unbiased."
   5. What's something that turns this character on?
       a. And what's a definite turn-off?
       b. Do they have any kinks?

Dusk:"Seductive dance and pheramones will get my attention. Oral or Rimming. Yes, but only my lovers will ever know them."

   6. How does this character feel about animals?
       a. Would they want any pets?
       b. What animals are their favorite?

Dusk:"I've never given it much thought."

   7. What type of movie is this character most interested in watching?

Dusk:"Not interested."

   8. If this character could master a skill instantly, which would they choose?

Dusk:"Which one have I not mastered yet?"

   9. Are there any behaviors that other characters do that irk this character?
       a. Does the character ever voice their annoyance?

Dusk:"The arrogance of youth makes me pause to stare long enough for it to become awkward to them."

   10. Would this character rather create something or destroy something?

Dusk:"It is easier to destroy than to create, so I would prefer to build things."

   11. What kind of comedy does this character prefer? Toilet humor, vulgar, slapstick, morbid, etc.

Dusk:"Just getting me to laugh at all is enough."

   12. If they could stay at one age forever, which age would they choose and why?

Dusk:"My kind already have a long enough life span... why would we choose to freeze ourselves in any part of it?"

   13. If the character could only wear clothing of one color, which would they choose?

Dusk:"That's easy, Shadow blue."

   14. Describe the character's favorite possession. Where did they get it, and why are they so attached?

Dusk:"The symbol on my left shoulder was created by fusing liquid turquoise to my skin. It happened to me just before birth and I have been told by Great Mother Evonn that it was her gift to the T'semarril."

   15. What is the character's favorite weather?

Dusk:"That would be either just before or just after a good storm."

   16. Do they prefer sweet, salty, sour, meaty, spicy, or neutral tastes?

Dusk:"Bitter, sour, and spicy are not tastes I care to experience."

   17. Would they rather sleep in a cold room or a warm one?

Dusk:"I like to fall asleep cold, but wake up warm."

   18. Are there any hobbies this character absolutely hates and would never want to do?

Dusk:"Not that i am aware of, and you'd think after four hundred years I would be."

   19. What's the easiest way to annoy this character?

Dusk:"Behave like a child when you clearly know better."

   20. Are their interests and likes socially appropriate?

Dusk:"For the most part, yes."


   1. Describe a scenario that has impacted your character and caused them extreme happiness.
       a. Fear?
       b. Disappointment?
       c. Depression?

Dusk:"This has been discussed already."

   2. What is the character's first memory?

Dusk:"That would be of my first home.... before I became.... this." *gestures to self*

   3. Has the character ever experienced deja vu? Do you happen to know why?


   4. Sensations are powerful things, and often certain scents, sounds, touches, etc. can invoke memories strongly associated with them. Which have imprinted in your character's mind?

Dusk:"The sounds of war, the smell of death, the touch of a woman, the taste of meat and pasta."

   5. How'd they get along with their parents and/or other relatives?

Dusk:"It's been far too long for me to remember that, but I should think we got along rather well."

   6. If your character had to choose one friend they've valued over all others, who would it be?

Dusk:"That would be my first sensei, Kyle Sheik."

   7. What's the worst injury they've ever gotten?

Dusk:"I've almost killed myself several times using my entire Ki chi reserves to save millions."

   8. How many places has this character lived in? What stands out most about those places to them?

Dusk:"Far too many to count, and not much."

   9. If the character could erase one memory from their mind, what would it be?

Dusk:"That would be the one where I thought my first mate Riankeo Cherand was killed. It caused my Keshnakare strand to activate."

   10. What was the character's economic situation?

Dusk:"Currency is for the corrupt."

   11. What are the character's three clearest memories?

Dusk:"Watching my first home and original family be destroyed by the Drakonian Empire. Meeting my first mate. And starting my life over in a distant time period."

   12. If the character could go back and speak to a younger version of themself, what would they say?

Dusk:"I would tell him.... I.... i.... I don't know." *looks away*

   13. If the character could go back and choose their sex at birth, what would they choose?

Dusk:"As strange as it sounds, I would choose to be both at once."

   14. Describe the character's love life throughout the years.

Dusk:"I've had numerous lovers over time, all of them are better people because of it."

   15. How did the family that raised this character influence them?

Dusk:"They taught me that though the majority of things may seem bad, there will always be some good hidden amongst it."

   16. If this character could "unmeet" someone in their life, who would they choose?

Dusk:"A certain insane human scientist who wants to dissect me to learn the origins of my powers."

   17. If the character could choose different parents for themselves, who would they choose and why?

Dusk:"I don't see the relevancy of this question, there are no decent choices to prefer no matter the person."

   18. Does this character feel guilty about anything in the past?

Dusk:"I do wish I was able to prevent every death that was indirectly caused by me."

   19. If the character were asked to associate an adjective with different stages of their life, what would they choose and why?

Dusk:" From infancy to teen: contented, as a child should be. For Young adult to where I am now: Distraught and Empathic, and that's been discussed throughout this questionaire."

   20. If the character could choose to have themselves born at a specific time period, which would they pick and why?

Dusk:"I would choose the Dark ages, back to a time where life was simple enough not to have to worry about it."
My buddy :iconhokins000: is hoping to have one of his character's featured in another mutual friend's story arc. The decision's been put up in this poll:…

I'm putting the word out to ask anyone willing to help to cast their vote for his OC, Ralton. ^_^


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