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                        NIGHT FIVE
                        12:00 A.M.

 All was quiet as a pulled up the driveway to the restaurant, Freddy and company exchanged fearful and curious glances with each other after seeing me walk in and go to where I was supposed to go. I didn't bother setting up my barriers tonight, but before I could even sit down to get settled, the phone went off... which startled me for the first time that week.

The message was extremely low pitched, garbled and sounded as if it was running in reverse, but my mind corrected everything almost as fast as I heard it.

"....shared spiritual life between all objects in the world? Only the very old know of that distinct truth..."

I took the message as the sign that 'she' was ready for me.... and figured better sooner rather than later... but first, I stood up and began chanting, forming handsigns at my chest. The words were an ancient tongue spoken from my ancestors back on Evonn, I opened my eyes to let the intended effect take hold...

The pupils slowly dilated to start, then grew to encompass the entirety of my eyeballs while at the same time, the lids faded back into my head before disappearing entirely.

"ahhh, now I can't look directly at anything or blink," I said smiling after finishing the incantation. I moved to the kitchen door. Bonnie and chica took one look at my face and seemed to shut down... it was probably their version of a faint so I let it be. I unlocked and opened the door, which prompted foxy to wish me good luck. Freddy just watched as I went in.

I don't remember walking towards the display case, but I do remember passing through a doorway.... into what appeared to be an extravagant tent, filled to the brim with golden decorations and burgundy drapes tapered with sky-blue linens. Cushions of all shapes and sizes littered the floor, which had three large fountains spewing a red liquid that I assumed was wine. Almost a dozen barely dressed women of several species were tending to just as many human males all about the room. Some of them noticed and began escorting me to a golden bear in the back, who showered me with hugs and kisses as she exclaimed, " it's so wonderful to finally have you here. I've been waiting such a long time to please you (for all eternity) in any and every possible way."

She was dressed in nothing but a V-shaped, one piece bikini and had the endowments to tempt even the most pious of mortal men....

I took another look around.... using all my senses this time.

the men.... were all wearing night guard uniforms... with a look of sheer terror on their faces
the women... all had her face...
the decorations.... were old and stained from constant use...
the wine.... smelled of blood...

"..... I call bullshit."
"What ever do you mean," the scantily clad bear cooed," don't you want to touch me?"

"Hun, I'm more than sure you were quite the cute, cuddly, perfect little girl once upon a time.... before you were brutally raped and murdered. All I see is the behaviors of a corrupted succubus all around me."

This angered every woman in the room, which itself changed from the lustful merriment previous into something born from demonic nightmares.

"Too bad you didn't want to indulge in a little bit of fun... it would have been easier for me to EAT YOU ALIVE!!!!," her cry was meant to terrify me.... didn't.

They all fell upon me, intent to hold me in place so she could rip off the one small shred of fabric keeping her from mounting me and sapping the very force of my life out through the demonic ritual her kin is infamous for.

"There's only one way to handle you and your ilk...."
I began chanting again in ancient draggish:
< I call upon the force that bathed my great mother within his ever loving warmth and light.... SHVINN, CLEANSE THE CORRUPTION FROM THESE TAINTED SOULS, THAT THEY MAY REST IN PEACE!!!>

My body began glowing its familiar hue with an intensity that burned all those who were touching me, forcing them to react in pain and panic.

GF: "What's this, what's going on?"

The glow expanded to engulf the other women... who then disintegrated into vapor with a chilling scream.

GF: "No! I will not leave without my vengeance!"

I channeled all the light directly at her as she started to summon every ounce of dark, demonic energy she had gathered from all the innocent men she killed over the years. Thrusting it towards me just in time to meet my power head on.

*Insert Kamehameha wave showdown here ;P *

In the end, she too, succumbed to the light and was purified...

I pulled the head of the golden freddy costume off me and placed it back into the case. The rest of the body followed shortly after.

"And that takes care of the evil here."

Walking back out of the kitchen, I noticed the other four were still possessed...

Freddy: "She's gone isn't she? I no longer feel her here."
Chica: "...What does this mean?"
Bonnie: "...what about us?"
Foxy: "yes,.... what happens now?"

I thought about it for a moment...

"Well I can think of two options, on the one hnd, I could exorcise you the same as I did for her, removing all trace of corruption from your souls and allowing what's left to move on to where it's supposed to go...., or, I could allow your souls to fuze with mine, which would allow you to live on through me. Neither choice is void of a great deal of pain... but each of you have the chance to choose which you wish to happen. The one option I can't let you do is remain here as you are... you would only just continue what you've been doing."

Surprisingly, Bonnie chose to be purified. Unsurprisingly, Freddy did also. I bathed them in the light as I did for the fifth, then turned to the girls.
Sitting down on a table, I went into a meditative trance. Letting my essence out in a long slow breath... it grabbed the souls in possession of foxy and chica, melded with them so that their colors changed to match mine, and finally pulled them with it back into me as I slowly breathed back in. Their personalities were vibrant and violently different, but not something I've yet to see. I welcomed them into my heart and memories, then I got up, went to the front counter, picked up my check for the week, and got into my car to drive off... hoping to never see Freddy Fahzbear's Pizzeria ever again... the pizza sucked any way.

...........A presence manifested itself inside the kitchen, moving over to the now inanimate yellow bear...

???: "tsk, tsk, tsk, such a shame you never knew that the others had succeeded in getting your revenge for you... but now that I am free of my corporeal shell, and there are no longer any souls left to haunt this building..."

The presence moved to the freddy character...and enveloped it," I can continue my grand plan to ensnare an army of unfortunate souls with a fresh start!"

Freddy opened his eyes once more... and played his haunting chime for a while before the next day shift started....
The final chapter, thus ending my little fanfic....or does it? :iconevilgrin2plz:

Now to wait and see what a few friends will say about this. ^_^
My friend :iconrachidna: would like to get this message out to as many people as possible:

There is a Virus Going around I had been Alerted by… Who unfortunately has this....

If this is one of your Friends be careful of a Chat starting with This User saying

"WTF Dude" And Provide you to a Link outside of Steam....  If you go past the "You are leaving Steam" site it will prompt you for a Download... Do not Open it or Save it back out....… is not the Only one Infected so be careful if you see a Message like that Popping up from any of your Friends anytime Soon....


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